Thursday, May 29, 2008

What is a 21st Century Learner? SUMMER PROJECT POST

The West Virginia Department of Education is asking students to fill out a survey about the state of education in the 21st Century. They might even give you an iPod if you do.

Are you guys prime candidates to give them some answers? I think so.

Go here to fill it out:

I hadn't originally intended for this to be my first thematic post of the summer, but then, I was thinking about this survey, and I realized it's perfect to get you thinking about the theme of new media, technology, and our perceptions. So here are a few questions to ruminate:

Did you notice how multiple media are combined on the start page (the video clip, text, graphics)? What do you think was the author's/designer's purpose in setting things up that way? What does this say about his or her perceptions of purpose and intended audience? Do you think this will effectively convey that purpose and reach the intended audience?

What do you think this survey is intended to measure? What results do you think it will produce? What do you think about their potential validity? How do you think the results will be used? What comments do you have about the depth and number of questions?

And last... What appeals to logic, emotion, or ethics are used to achieve the intended purpose? Are these effective? What effect do you think they'll have on survey participation and results?

You don't have to answer ALL these questions--but I'd like you to think about all of them. I am so looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this!

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